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Pandemic no "shield" for employer's late wages: FWC

The FWC has refused to accept the pandemic as an excuse for an employer's late payment of wages over a six-month period, agreeing to consider a worker's general protections application on the basis that the delays left him with no choice but to resign.

Court carpets ABCC over "inflammatory" claims

The Federal Court has criticised the ABCC's "misrepresentation" of evidence in pleadings and a media release, concluding the watchdog bore some responsibility for a subsequent report in a national newspaper that wrongly stated that a CFMMEU organiser made a "throat-slitting" gesture to a truck driver.

Harassment started at job interview: Manager

The Australian arm of an international pest control company is facing claims its chief executive and HR manager victimised and discriminated against its business development manager because she accused a colleague of repeatedly s-xually harassing her.

More blowback for repeat-offender union

A judge has walked the fine line between factoring in the CFMMEU's history of legal transgressions and imposing a sanction proportionate to the breach by adding $10,000 to penalties levied on the union after an official blew cigarette smoke in an ER coordinator's face.

Vax-privacy objector wins extension after husband's death

A long-serving worker suffering "grief and trauma" after her husband's death has won a 24-hour extension to contest her dismissal for failing to meet a deadline to confirm her coronavirus vaccination status.

Threatened after chasing commissions: Claim

A foreign-owned private golf club and its multi-millionaire owner are being sued by a former sales representative who claims her pursuit of underpayments led to a warning that it would "end badly" for her if she travelled to China.

Bench backs "unorthodox" approach to harsh sacking

In a significant ruling on dismissals deemed harsh by the FWC, a full bench has endorsed the "unorthodox" approach taken by a member who ordered the reinstatement of a forklift driver who breached an employer's "no mobile phones" policy.

Tribunal rejects challenge to BHP vax mandate

Mining unions have failed to convince a senior FWC member that BHP's vaccination mandate breaches the Privacy Act and that it would be reasonable to let workers confirm their inoculation status via the same check-in method they use to enter a pub.