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Irrelevant criminal record change provides more discretion: Porter

The Morrison Government has lowered the bar for employers to reject job applicants with criminal records in response to a Human Rights Commission finding that Suncorp discriminated against an applicant with a record of accessing child pornography by refusing to hire him.

Ruling might have chilling effect on casuals class actions

A looming Federal Court judgment on whether to grant security of costs to employers facing multi-million-dollar casuals class actions could make employment matters much less attractive to litigation funders, according to a law firm that is targeting the black coal mining industry.

Industrial manslaughter firmly on agenda as Victoria prepares laws

Victoria's Andrews Labor Government is preparing to introduce industrial manslaughter legislation into State Parliament by the end of the year, while Federal IR Minister Christian Porter says further investigation is needed before such an offence is incorporated in the model WHS Act.

Bill elevates religious expression over other workplace rights: AHRC

The Human Rights Commission and the Diversity Council are warning that the Morrison Government's draft Religious Discrimination Bill gives priority to religious expression over other rights at work, while the IEU claims religious schools have threatened members with disciplinary action over the union's criticism of it.

Suggestive poster discriminated against female worker: Tribunal

A tribunal has held that Sydney Water sexually harassed and discriminated against an employee when her photo was displayed on a workplace health and safety poster, for which she unwittingly posed, beneath the slogan "Feel great - lubricate!".

Twist on "cash back" scam alleged by FWO

The FWO is prosecuting the operators of a Sydney restaurant for allegedly underpaying a skilled worker on a SubClass 457 visa by more than $150,000 while they maintained "overall control" of his bank account.

Rockpool responds to "underpaid" chef's claims

Rockpool has hit back at a chef's claims that he was underpaid and expected to work extreme hours while on an annualised salary arrangement, maintaining that it is up to him to produce accurate records and establish any sum allegedly owed.

Undertakings might get MMS deal over line: FWC

In the latest stage of a long battle by power and mining unions against the approval of a "small cohort" non-union agreement for maintenance employees, the FWC has given Mechanical Maintenance Solutions Pty Ltd a chance to provide an undertaking to overcome its failure to ensure the deal was genuinely agreed.

Peetz turns myth-buster; and more

Peetz seeks to bust future-work myths; Demotion discrimination claim cleared to proceed; Employer didn't discriminate by cutting hours after birth; FWO delivers ill wind for helicopter operator; Wesfarmers admits $15 million in underpayments; FWO prosecutes target of Hospo campaign.