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Court makes important industrial action ruling

A Federal Court judge has rejected union arguments that a single period of industrial action might involve only one instance of "organising" that action.

Bench hears new push to find employment relationship at Uber

A former Uber Eats worker is today seeking to convince an FWC full bench that she is an employee because the gig economy giant exercised "practical control" over her, as it began hearing her bid to overturn an earlier ruling.

"Team bash 'em" prompts hospital guard's $2.7m claim

A hospital security guard is suing the State of Queensland for $2.7 million, claiming it discriminated against him on the basis of a psychiatric disorder he suffered after witnessing colleagues' violence against mental health patients.

FWC releases "business needs" brake on reclassification

The FWC has ordered aerospace company Boeing to promptly deal with a tradesperson's reclassification bid, finding the company's repeated refusal to do so in breach of its enterprise agreement.

"Neutered" unions unable to propel wage growth: Academic

Tracing a trajectory between the 1998 waterfront dispute and today's "neutering" of union power, an IR academic has outlined how the nation might rebalance the IR system to allow workers to effectively agitate for higher wages.

Raising UK pay minimum to 66.6% of median a "stretch": Report

The UK's Low Pay Commission has warned the Johnson Government that it would be "ambitious" to set a target to lift the minimum wage from 60% of median earnings to 66.6% and that it would be "stretching" for businesses.