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"Contractor deeming" laws to return to NSW Parliament

The NSW Government plans to re-introduce its "contractor deeming" legislation in the first session of Parliament next year, according to a spokesperson for IR Minister John Della Bosca.

IRC rejects bid on award super guidelines

A full bench of the IRC has refused a Federal Government request to develop both guidelines on simplifying award superannuation provisions and a framework award super clause.

Court orders pay boost to remedy duress

The Federal Court has forced abbatoir operator G&K O'Connor to stop paying bare award rates to 30 employees, after finding it might be unlawfully applying duress to persuade them to sign AWAs.

Court outlines "reasonable steps" to prevent discrimination

A court has set out what constitutes "reasonable steps" to prevent sexual harassment, while ordering an employer to pay $24,000 in damages, plus costs, for the harassment of a cleaner by another employee.

Radical employment deal to end at Impulse

The radical employment arrangements for Impulse Airlines' flight attendants look set to end, after Impulse's labour supplier today acceded to a FAAA bid to bring the workers under award regulation.

No consultation, but dismissal upheld

The IRC has upheld the retrenchment of an employee, despite the employer failing to consult because a previous redundancy announcement had led to sabotage.

Telstra workers say "yes"

Telstra's 30,800 award-based employees have voted up four new agreements, moving away from a company-wide deal that was due to expire later this month.

IRC orders police and NSW Government to talk

The President of the NSW IRC, Justice Lance Wright, has directed the Police Association of NSW and the State's Police Service into further talks, after police this morning began implementing work bans.

Cliff Dolan dies

Trade union leaders will be among the mourners tomorrow at the funeral of former ACTU president Cliff Dolan, who died at home on Thursday night after a long illness. He was 80.