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Unions campaign against Telstra call centre operation

The CPSU is threatening a national campaign to rob Stellar Call Centres of Labor government contracts, after the union won NSW Labor Council support to push for such a change from the NSW Government and the ALP State Conference.

NSW unions seek full flow-on of $15 rise

The NSW IRC is to hear the State Wage Case over two days from May 15, after the NSW Labor Council decided to seek a quick flow-on of the $15 federal safety net increase.

ANZ denies discrimination

The ANZ bank has denied FSU allegations that it indirectly discriminated against women by targeting part-time employees when reducing working hours in its retail branch network.

Tax employees to start GST bans

The CPSU is flexing the considerable industrial muscle the looming GST-deadline has provided it to push for a better EA for tax employees, with the department's workers today voting in favour of implementing rolling bans from Tuesday on GST-related work.

NSW Commissioner dies

NSW Industrial Relations Commissioner Paul Kelly died yesterday, from what is believed to have been a heart attack

ANZ discriminated against women: FSU

The FSU has lodged a complaint with HREOC against the ANZ bank, claiming that a restructuring program designed to reduce part-time employees' hours indirectly discriminated against women.

Campaign 2000 contempt case underway

The AIG's unprecedented contempt action against the AMWU, AWU, CEPU and three union officials continues in the Federal Court today.

ATO workers consider GST bans

Australian Tax Office workers are expected to vote this morning in favour of work bans on GST implementation as part of their ongoing bid to secure a better pay offer from the department.

It's only discrimination if a job's on offer: court

In an important ruling for employers, Queensland's highest court has ruled that an employer who told a jobseeker he was too old hadn't discriminated against him, because the jobseeker had approached the employer "on spec" and there had been no job on offer.

Victorian Budget boosts IR savvy

The Victorian Government has allocated funds from the State Budget to a strategic IR advice unit that the Government hopes will keep it on the front foot with disputes such as the recent construction battle, and help it counter sniping from the Federal Government.