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Working class spooked by our policies: ALP election report

Labor's confusing suite of policies leading into May's federal election cost the ALP support among its traditional base of low-income working people, according to the party's review of the shock defeat.

Employee status "not a box-checking exercise": Judge

The Federal Court has rejected a bid by the FWO and CFMMEU to upset a major labour hire company's treatment of workers as independent contractors, finding the service agreement signed by the parties transparently spelt out the true nature of their relationship.

FWC small claims proposal faces constitutional barrier: Academic

A leading IR law academic has poured cold water on the Morrison Government's apparent endorsement of an ACTU proposal to establish a small claims process within the FWC to "quickly and effectively" adjudicate underpayment cases.

Pay rises in private sector deals in reverse gear

Bargained pay rises in the private sector have gone backwards for the second quarter in a row, according to newly-released data from the Attorney-General's Department.

ACTU looks to youth for growth

The ACTU's national executive has signed off on a growth plan that stresses the importance of attracting young people into a union movement where the average age is about 50.

Jetstar denied me advancement due to race: Pilot

A Jetstar pilot who is suing his employer and parent company Qantas for discrimination has accused the budget airline of assessing him as not proficient, denying him the same opportunities as others and ending his ability to work in Australia because of his race.

Government should be driving equal remuneration: IRC

A NSW IRC full bench has in making equal remuneration orders delivering a 11% rise for education support workers called on governments to ensure worthy such cases are argued, rather than rely on unions "funded by a declining member base".

Tribunal's wings not clipped by Chairman's Lounge membership

A senior FWC member has declined to recuse himself from a case involving Qantas, rejecting suggestions that he could be compromised by his enjoyment of the many perks that come with access to the airline's invitation-only Chairman's Lounge.

Apprentice sacked for refusing overtime without penalty rates

The FWC has found an employer unfairly sacked an apprentice and imposed an "extraordinarily unreasonable" requirement for him to work weekends without penalty rates so it could avoid the prospect of liquidated damages.

Cop accused of brutality fails to overturn sacking

A tribunal has upheld the sacking of a former police officer accused of driving recklessly to injure a man locked in paddywagon, rejecting a magistrate court's finding that he was not guilty of the criminal charge.