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Unions preparing for 33-day election blitz

The ACTU has signed off on its Federal election campaign strategy, which will feature "blanket visits and union presence in all medium to large workplaces".

Vale MUA leader John Coombs

The MUA and broader labour movement have expressed deep sadness at the death today at 81 of John Coombs, who led the union through the bitter 1998 waterfront dispute as it faced down a government-backed plan to lock out its members and replace them with a non-union workforce at key stevedore Patrick.

Amazon monitoring union site visits: SDA

Union officials are under "constant surveillance" every time they go to an Amazon Australia workplace, a Senate committee has heard.

New "solidarity" membership category for MUA

The MUA has created a new non-voting "supporter" membership category that will seek to enrol community members and capitalise on the the substantial support it has built through its long history of campaigning on a wide range of political and social change movements.

Full court dismisses Aldi's attempt to nobble union campaign

Aldi has again failed to rein-in the TWU over its long-running "safe rates" campaign, with a full Federal Court confirming that the union is not constrained by consumer law prohibitions on misleading or deceptive conduct.

Most flexibility requests granted, but room to improve: Report

The NSW public sector granted more than 87% of women's requests for flexible work ahead of COVID-19, according to a large PSA member survey that says the pandemic has proved there is still room for improvement in the Berejiklian Government's "if not why not" policy.

Two-hour Cup Day strike at casino unprotected: FWC

A two-hour stopwork that United Voice scheduled to clash with Melbourne Cup festivities at Crown Perth has been extended to four hours after the gambling giant secured an anti-strike order from the FWC on the basis that a shorter period would constitute unprotected action.

Unions launch Change the Government ad campaign

The ACTU has today launched a multi-platform advertising that urges voters to vote the Coalition out to ditch its "unAustralian" IR system and enable unions' Change the Rules agenda.