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"Ignominiously memorable" case underlines importance of unfair dismissal protections: FWC

An employer treated a long-serving worker like a "dirty rag" when it sacked her for an alleged incapacity to meet her job's inherent requirements, the FWC has found in what it describes as an "ignominiously memorable" case that provides a "strong foundation for argument against any lessening" of unfair dismissal protections.

Dispute pushed worker beyond qualifying period

The FWC had found that an unresolved dispute extended a worker's employment beyond the six month qualifying period for protection from unfair dismissal.

Union defies order to halt strike by NDIS workers

The NSW Public Service Association has defied a court order restraining it from organising its members to strike in protest at the State Government's plans to privatise disability support work and will now face substantial penalties in the Supreme Court.

Retrenchments not genuine: FWC

The FWC has reinstated four workers after finding they were not "genuinely redundant" and that their employer took an "unduly hasty and largely tokenistic" approach to meeting its consultation and redeployment obligations.

Salvos failed to properly investigate "theft": Tribunal

The FWC has awarded $20,000 in compensation to a long-serving Salvation Army store manager allegedly caught stealing $200 on camera and has criticised the employer for failing to give her a chance to review the video evidence before her sacking.

Independent contracting arrangement a façade: FWC

The FWC has found a roof tiler is an employee who can make an unfair dismissal claim, ruling his employer created an independent contracting "façade" to suit its own purposes and avoid paying his entitlements.