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"Vague" task list no basis for sacking over productivity: FWC

In a decision highlighting the perils of relying on nebulous performance measures to assess productivity, the FWC has ordered an IT company to compensate an employee dismissed after being assigned a "vague" To Do list.

IR manager targeted as CFMMEU counter-sues in entry case

Ahead of Federal Court hearings into ABCC claims that two CFMMEU officials breached entry laws at a Melbourne freeway project in 2017, the union is suing the head contractor and its IR manager for obstructing their efforts to investigate suspected safety breaches.

Time to to slug CFMMEU for past breaches: Court

The ABCC's persistence in arguing that the CFMMEU's lengthy rap sheet should figure in penalty calculations has produced a significant dividend, the Federal Court today ruling it was the only way to achieve the legislative objective of deterrence in the face of the union's recidivism.

FEG challenger made premature review bid; & more

FEG ruling challengers must "exhaust" internal review channels; Rugby Australia flip-flopped, says Folau; First agreement approved for Flight Centre; and FWC says enterprise agreements don't have to be "perfect".

Vale, Richard Tracey

Prominent former Federal Court industrial judge Richard Tracey has died of cancer, aged 71.

Judge leaves door ajar for AWU probe

The Federal Court finding that the Registered Organisation's Commission's decision to investigate past donations by the AWU was invalid has stopped short of ordering an end to the entire inquiry.

Dismissal round-up: Spam excuse wins extension; & more

Time extended after application lands in spam folder; Woolies failed to clarify termination date; FWC upholds sacking for taking unauthorised leave; and Tribunal backs dismissal for threat to "kill" manager.

Personal payment orders mount up for Victorian CFMMEU officials

A Federal Court judge has again pointed his finger at Victorian CFMMEU secretary John Setka's leadership in issuing a personal payment order against one of his long-serving officials for blockading a worksite to pressure a builder into negotiating an agreement with the union.