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Court fines union, delegate for enforcing closed shop

The Federal Court has ordered the CFMEU and a delegate to pay almost $100,000 in penalties for the coercion involved when he prevented a subcontractor's employee from working on a job because he wasn't a union member.

Union leader pushed Post chief to stamp me out, manager alleges

The Federal Court will next week hold a preliminary hearing of allegations by a former Australia Post national workers' compensation manager that ex-chief executive Ahmed Fahour caved-in to a union leader's demands to oust him from his role and shelve his efforts to rein-in costs, or face protest rallies and the leaking of sensitive internal documents.

High Court reserves decision on bargaining breaches

The High Court has reserved its decision on parallel appeals by Esso and the AWU questioning what constitutes a breach of bargaining orders and whether a breach during bargaining means future protected action is not possible.

Café fined $180,000 for "grotesque exploitation" of visa worker

The owners of a Coffee Club café franchise have been fined more than $180,000 for taking advantage of a desperate 457 skilled visa worker who they first refused to pay and then forced to hand back $18,000 under threat of ending his sponsorship.

Ambassador's bodyguard employed on sham contract, union alleges

A security company must provide United Voice with internal correspondence about its practice of engaging contractors and employees, as the union pursues it for allegedly employing two embassy guards on sham contracts and sacking them when they refused to waive legal rights.

Employer's conduct threatened "whole fabric" of IR laws: Judge

A contracts manager and a team leader of a construction company that took adverse action against a subcontractor it refused to hire because its enterprise agreement wasn't endorsed by the CFMEU have been fined almost $2,000 each for the part they played in their employer's contraventions.

CFMEU leader wins discovery of FWBC documents

The CFMEU has won a document discovery order over the withdrawn prosecution of its national secretary Michael O'Connor, in a judgment that ropes in Employment Minster Michaelia Cash.