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Tribunal overturns sacking of elderly fixed-term contract worker

The ripples from a recent decision upsetting the authority on outer limits contract workers pursuing unfair dismissal claims have reached another jurisdiction, with the WA IR Commission ordering the reinstatement of a septuagenarian school traffic warden who had been "taken advantage" of by the employer.

WA launches review of IR system

McGowan Government IR Minister Bill Johnston has commissioned barrister and former acting WA IRC president Mark Ritter SC to review the State's IR system.

Bench finds flaws in reinstatement of capsicum-spraying officer

A tribunal member who reinstated a transit officer sacked for spraying a minor with capsicum spray should have given greater weight to his past conduct and the viability of re-establishing an employment relationship, a full bench has found.

Sweden-based manager can pursue case in WA: Tribunal

The WA IRC has found a manager of an Australian-based company working overseas is entitled to pursue a contractual benefits claim, despite performing all but a fortnight of his two years in the job in Sweden.

WA minimum wage increase 1% below national figure

The WA Industrial Relations Commission has increased the state minimum wage by 2.3%, noting that the economy is still in a "trough" after the end of the mining and construction boom in recent years.

"Evaporation" of trust scuttles prospect of reinstatement: Bench

A Western Australia court of appeal has rejected the RTBU's bid to reinstate a transit officer sacked for making false allegations against her supervisor, confirming it would be "impracticable" for the employer-employee relationship to continue given the absence of trust between the parties.

US state law invoked in successful restraint case

The WA Supreme Court has tested how an employment agreement stacks up under US state law before granting an American company an interlocutory injunction restraining a former Australian employee from working for his new Perth employer.