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Unions pursue national IR manager over alleged underpayments

Three unions have won court approval to argue that the IR manager of a major service provider should be held accessorially liable for alleged underpayment of workers at Esso's onshore and offshore Bass Strait sites.

"Future coverage" clause unlawful: Bench

An FWC full bench has quashed a deal after accepting CFMMEU submissions that it would have allowed workers to be covered by future agreements ahead of its nominal expiry date, but has stopped short of finding that the tribunal should have heard from the union at first instance.

Employer fined for breaching "important" job security clause

The ETU says a $40,000 penalty against an employer for failing to consult before engaging labour hire workers on inferior pay and conditions sends a message that pre-Building Code job security clauses in agreements are still enforceable.

Bench quashes "nothing new" greenfields deal

An FWC full bench has made a significant decision on what constitutes new activity when making greenfields agreements, after the CFMMEU described the deal as a "a cynical, industrially incorrigible and flawed attempt to bypass bargaining with its employees and their union of choice".

FWC struggling to meet own deadlines to approve deals

The Fair Work Commission is missing its internal deadlines for approving enterprise agreements as it copes with an increasing number of complex deals that might need undertakings.

Cut greenfields negotiating period to three months: Review

A review of the 2015 amendments to the Fair Work Act's greenfields agreements provisions has rejected union pleas to axe "last offer" arbitration - despite a failure by employers to utilise it - and has recommended reducing from six months to three the "negotiating period" before the FWC can break deadlocks.

Ross rejects Aldi bid to send NERR questions to court

FWC President Iain Ross has rebuffed an application by retailer Aldi to have a full Federal Court review the rejection of its agreement because of a deficient bargaining notice.

Wage rates suppressed for Woolies' online store

Woolworths and the SDA have been forced to defend a rare confidentiality requirement for pay rates of workers at a new online store set up in anticipation of Amazon's arrival in Australia.

Aldi deal wins High Court coverage endorsement but needs reBOOT

The High Court has directed an FWC full bench to re-determine whether a controversial Aldi agreement for a new distribution centre passes the better off overall test, but it has agreed with the retailer that deals covering new enterprises can extend to employees yet to work there.