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Committee supports parental leave changes

Coalition members of a Senate committee have backed the passage of the Government's Bill that seeks to halt parents "double-dipping" into government and employer-funded paid parental leave schemes, but Labor and Greens senators say the change is regressive.

Unions ask new PM to protect penalty rates

The ACTU has fired its first salvo at new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, calling on him to stop the Coalition's "attacks" on conditions such as penalty rates and paid parental leave.

PPL changes will increase complexity and cost for employers: ACCI

Employers are likely to maintain their own paid parental leave schemes even if the Abbott Government's proposed Bill to prevent so-called parent "double-dipping" into government and employer-funded schemes becomes law, according to a key employer group.

Westpac deal throws out performance-linked pay rises

Westpac and the FSU have reached an in-principle agreement on a new agreement covering about 30,000 employees across Westpac and its subsidiary banks that will for the first time remove the link between performance targets and fixed pay increases for all staff earning less than $75,000 per annum.

"Mistaken or negligent" parental leave restriction costs employer $170,000

A company's parental leave policy – which breached the NES by making unpaid parental leave only available to "primary" caregivers - has cost it $170,000 in the unpaid wages and redundancy pay that an employee would have received if he had been allowed to access the leave and its flow-on benefits.

Mother resuming work to get full pay, after FWC ruling

Australia's largest rail freight operator, Aurizon, has been ordered to provide the full pro-rata rate of pay to a train driver who was to receive a reduced amount under a compassionate grounds/short-term medical disability clause when she returned part-time from maternity leave.

Government to subsidise nanny costs

Nannies won't need formal childcare training to participate in the federal government's new $246m two-year trial to help shiftworkers and those in rural and regional areas to meet the costs of home-based care.

Caesarean section doesn't convert father to primary carer: FWC

Two BHP Coal employees who helped look after their newborn babies while their partners recovered from caesarean sections were not entitled to parental leave as the primary care givers under the company's enterprise agreement, the FWC has ruled.