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Late application allowed after children's secrecy over sacking

The FWC has allowed a delivery driver's late unfair dismissal application to proceed after finding that his adult children kept news of his sacking from him over health concerns while he completed two weeks' hotel quarantine.

Law firm granted representation to defend solicitor's sacking claim

The FWC will allow a legal firm that provides IR advice to lawyer-up against a self-represented junior solicitor with no post-admission experience who claims to be in a "David and Goliath" situation as he seeks to challenge his dismissal.

FWC backs Qantas grounding of over-age flight crew

The FWC has upheld the dismissal of two Qantas pilots unable to fly internationally after turning 65, drawing parallels with the tribunal's retirement policy while finding it might have been "considerate" to keep them in the departure lounge while they awaited a move to short-haul.

Compensation for manager sacked over unwelcome comments

The FWC has ordered compensation for a bottleshop manager held to have asked a customer "would you like a root hehehe receipt", finding his employer had no excuse for its "procedurally disastrous" sacking after accessing an employer organisation's IR advice.

Worker's quest for employee status fails a third time

The self-described former general manager of a "car solutions" company has failed at his third attempt to persuade a court that he was an employee rather than a contractor, a judge observing that it nowadays takes little more than a laptop to conduct a "modest" business within a business.

Lecturer wins 'cancel culture' appeal

In a significant ruling on academic free speech, a university lecturer has been given a second chance to challenge his sacking for superimposing a swastika on an Israeli flag after a full Federal Court found insufficient weight had been attached to an agreement's 'intellectual freedom' clause.

Twiggy's HR team used defunct email to sack worker

The failure of a major mining company's HR department to delete a worker's old email address despite constant reminders led to notice of his sacking remaining unopened for 20 days, the FWC has found.

NRL bubble no excuse for late application: FWC

An "overwhelmed" manager caught up in her husband's hurried relocation to an interstate NRL bubble has been refused a six-hour extension to contest her redundancy, despite the FWC finding she had an arguable case.

Claim proceeds after tribunal failed to send reminder

A senior FWC member has decided not to throw out a worker's unfair dismissal application on her own initiative after he was six minutes' late for a phone conference, failed to comply with directions and complained the tribunal ignored the "human aspect".

Legal fees suck up sacked workers' compensation

The FWC has questioned the choices that left two sacked childcare workers out of pocket despite being awarded compensation of 21 weeks' pay, observing that a "realistic" approach to the employer's settlement offer would have avoided costs that included having a barrister represent them before the tribunal over three days.