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New entry permit denied for CFMMEU organiser

The FWC has refused to renew the entry permit of a CFMMEU construction division organiser it previously directed to undertake "emotional management" training, finding his role in an unlawful 2018 strike showed promises to reform when elected WA branch president did not play out.

Entry permit suspended for CFMMEU's Harkins

Apologies and claims that he conducted himself "out of character" have not spared a union official having his entry permit suspended over a confrontation in which he told a site foreman he did "give a f--k" what happened because he was near the end of his career.

Entry permit pared after official's penalty confusion

A senior FWC member has belatedly imposed conditions on an AWU-CFMMEU Offshore Alliance official's entry permit after an employer association revealed he failed to disclose penalties for organising unlawful industrial action.

ABCC ups ante with bid to halt crowdfunded fine payments

The ABCC will ask a court to prohibit union officials from "crowdfunding" personal penalties in what represents a significant escalation of its on-going bid to combat contravening union conduct in the construction industry.

AMWU rules don't cover BHP OS trainees: FWC

The FWC has thrown out a bid by the AMWU to enter the BHP OS training facility near Mackay to hold discussions with about 150 maintenance trainees, finding the union's coverage rule for fitters and engineering trades doesn't extend to the "caterpillar" trainees until they become maintenance associate "butterflies".

Court fines trigger entry ban for union leader

A CFMMEU leader fighting cartel charges that carry the threat of 10 years' jail has had his entry permit suspended after a senior FWC member clarified the point at which he was "found" to have breached Fair Work Act provisions.

Ravbar put through ABCC mincer over entry permit

The ABCC's recent good run against the CFMMEU has continued after the FWC confirmed a high-profile union leader seeking a new entry permit would first have to plumb 14 years of internal communications to ascertain what role, if any, he had in trying to temper the organisation's rule-breaking ways.

Bad press no reason to reduce CFMMEU fines: Court

The CFMMEU has failed to have entry breach fines reduced because of "inaccurate" media reports, a judge noting the lack of evidence that the officials concerned were in any way embarrassed or distressed by adverse publicity.

Organiser's permit suspended despite playing "inexperience" card

A union official has had his entry permit suspended for three months despite the FWC accepting that his inexperience, having "come off the tools" only months earlier, played a part in his organising of an unlawful stopwork four years ago.