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Vax-hesitant risk manager sought "irrelevant" risk assessment: FWC

The FWC has upheld the sacking of a risk and compliance manager who refused to meet a vaccination deadline, dismissing her request for a risk assessment as irrelevant in the context of approved COVID-19 vaccines and public health orders.

Bookstore deal binned after bad review

The FWC has warned that employers cannot delegate their responsibility to properly explain proposed agreements, after a bookstore claimed it relied on RAFFWU and another representative to do so due to "heightened aggression" during bargaining.

"Pyrrhic victory" for unvaxxed worker sacked prematurely

The FWC has held that an aged care employer acted "prematurely" in dismissing an unvaccinated employee barred by state health orders from attending the workplace, finding no reason why he could not have continued to work from home as he had done for almost two years.

"Disrespect" for HR manager's directions justified sacking: FWC

The FWC has upheld the sacking of a chef despite scant evidence he made discriminatory remarks, finding his failure to follow a HR manager's instructions constituted a valid reason and WorkCover certificates from a "malleable" doctor severely compromised his credibility.

FWC orders costs against agent who blamed client

The FWC has ordered costs against a paid agent because it failed to drop a dismissal claim after it settled and attempted to pin its delay on what the tribunal found to be its client's unambiguous instructions.

Reinstatement for driver told to "f*** off Karen"

The FWC has reinstated a Gold Coast bus driver who ejected a passenger for telling her to "F-ck off Karen" after she implored him to wear his face mask properly, finding also that making a call on her smart watch did not breach the employer's mobile phone policy.

Airline loyalty program membership no basis for bias: FWC

An FWC member has rejected a recusal application from employees Virgin Australia dismissed for refusing to disclose their vaccination status, amid concerns that his frequent flyer membership made him biased.

Beer gift enough to warrant recusal: FWC

A senior FWC member has sidelined himself from two unfair dismissal claims against Coopers Brewery after disclosing that he accepted donated beer for a 2014 fundraiser.