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Government seeks High Court leave to appeal Mondelez decision

The Morrison Government and a major employer are seeking leave to appeal to the High Court a significant full Federal Court ruling that 12-hour shift workers were entitled to 10 calendar days of paid personal/carer's leave rather than a lesser amount in line with established conventions.

Department's failure to use HR experts led to unfair sacking: FWC

The Victorian Department of Parliamentary Services' failure to utilise its HR expertise has contributed to a finding that it unfairly sacked a senior electoral officer on the basis that he lost the trust and confidence of the Labor candidate he served.

Health risk cited as FWC issues "no yelling" anti-bullying orders

The FWC has taken a cautious approach in issuing an interim anti-bullying order restraining the co-owner and an employee of a retail business from belittling each other, suppressing identities amid "genuine health concerns" for both parties.

Blocking Uber Eats' app was a sacking: Union

The TWU is appealing an FWC finding that an Uber Eats "delivery partner" who worked in tandem with her husband until the company cancelled their access to the delivery app is not protected from unfair dismissal, because she is not an employee.

"No grounds" for doctor's bullying assessment: FWC

A tribunal member has in rejecting a late unfair dismissal application cast doubt on the merits of a medical certificate asserting the worker was suffering from depression caused by workplace bullying, questioning whether the doctor was qualified to make such an assessment.

Employer facing court over warning about strike consequences

An indefinite strike at a mid-sized NSW asbestos and hazardous waste removal business has entered its seventh week amid warnings the business could be forced to shut and a related adverse action claim launched by the union.