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Aldi "loaded rates" deals finally approved

A senior FWC member has after multiple undertakings approved two Aldi deals at the centre of the tribunal's 'loaded rates in agreements' case, acknowledging their higher pay scales and the lack of evidence to show that their "needs-based" rostering approach would leave workers any worse off than under the award.

1% of aged care residents enjoy staffing best practice: Report

As the Commonwealth considers a new funding model that assesses staffing needs for aged care homes, a royal commission paper says more than half the nation's residents are with providers offering an unacceptable number and mix of workers according to a world-leading measurement tool.

Employee's "vexatious complaints", missed meetings justify sacking

A tribunal has upheld the sacking of a legal aid agency employee who refused to attend meetings for six months and reacted to a final warning with "baseless and scandalous" allegations against her colleagues, finding her defiance of reasonable directions "struck at the very heart of the employment relationship".

MS/Parkinson's sufferer claims discriminatory sacking

Professionals Australia has filed a $380,000 discrimination and adverse action claim against one of the nation's largest defence contractors, alleging it unlawfully sacked a manager after nearly 20 years' service because he suffers from multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.

Court orders $2.7m payout to sacked chief executive

An employer must pay $2.7 million in damages and interest to a former chief executive it sacked for alleged insider trading, after a court found claims that he offloaded company shares to take advantage of sensitive information before it became public "did not make sense".

Hospo Voice claims "stunning victory"

Hospo Voice claims that a company founded by celebrity chef George Calombaris has quietly backpaid a former Hellenic Republic worker after it "spent years insisting they did not owe her a cent".

Call for Canberra to lift wages of aged care workers

Academics and unions have told the aged care royal commission that the IR system and the federal government are playing lead roles in keeping the industry's front-line workers undervalued and underpaid, while they also claim that employers failed to pass on previous subsidies to increase wages.