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National storm brewing for DP World ports

In a dispute that could extend to the eastern seaboard, major stevedore DP World says it will lock out its Fremantle workforce tomorrow and subcontract its work to competitor, Patrick.

Spotlight employees better off under award, FWC finds

Employees of national retailer Spotlight will return to award conditions today, after enterprise bargaining negotiations with the SDA failed and the union convinced the Fair Work Commission to terminate the company's first-ever collective agreement.

FWC rejects employer bid to cut senior employees from deal

The Fair Work Commission has knocked back a major electricity distributor's application to exclude middle managers and senior technical employees from its new enterprise agreement, finding "no persuasive evidence" it would improve productivity and efficiency.

Industry seeking longer agreements for major projects

Oil and gas companies are pushing the federal government to introduce special greenfields agreements lasting more than five years for "major" projects involving at least $50m in capital spending and to boost certainty by giving employers an automatic right to an arbitrated extension of the deals.

UFU ordered to comply with good faith bargaining rules; Challenges court ruling

The FWC has ordered the United Firefighters' Union to comply with good faith bargaining obligations in its negotiations with Victoria's Country Fire Authority, while the union has lodged an appeal against the Federal Court's ruling that clauses requiring the CFA to employ additional firefighters and conduct recruitment are unconstitutional.