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Court lowers bar for roster allowances

Employers are not automatically entitled to reduce roster allowances when working hours fall below an agreement's "indicative" threshold, a court has found.

"Casual" employee entitled to annual leave: Court

In a decision sure to be closely analysed by employers, a court has ruled that a worker is entitled to accrued annual leave despite being paid a casual loading for 15 years.

New reporting requirements take effect

Requirements for bargaining representatives from this week to disclose financial benefits stemming from enterprise agreements before workers vote on them will make it easier to track the revenue the deals generate for unions, employers say.

ASU to fight hot desking push

The ASU is appealing a finding that the ATO can require employees to 'hot desk' regardless of whether they perform field work, the union arguing it wouldn't have endorsed the 2017 agreement if it had been made aware of the agency's intention.

Aerocare's "misconceived" offer sinks agreement appeal

Aerocare's attempt to revive its appeal against the rejection of a new agreement has fallen short, after an FWC full bench rejected the aviation services company's "misconceived" offer to improve conditions for casuals.

Employer has right to modify shift penalty arrangements: Bench

An FWC full bench has quashed a finding that the terms of CSL's agreement did not empower the Commission to resolve a dispute about the payment of shift penalties, holding that the deal does not stop the employer moving from an averaging system to a "time worked" regime.

Picket maintained despite representative order

The picket outside the new "robo" terminal at the Port of Melbourne has continued today, despite the Victorian Supreme Court ordering yesterday that it come to an end.

Failure to explain kills labour hire deal

In a decision signalling potential judicial pushback against so-called "sham" agreements, a Federal Court has quashed a two-year-old deal approved by three employees that now covers more than 1000 mining services workers, ruling that the employer made inadequate efforts to explain a document benchmarked against 11 different awards.

Qube bid for damages from MUA in court next year

Qube Logistics, Patrick Stevedores and the MUA have proposed a timetable for mediation early next year ahead of hearings in August into the companies' bid to recoup damages from bans on loading and unloading containers at Port Botany this year.