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Death cover pushes employee's salary over high-income limit

An FWC full bench has thrown out a senior employee's unfair dismissal claim, ruling his life insurance premium, paid by his employer, counted towards his annual income and pushed his earnings beyond the high-income threshold.

FWC reduces backpay for wrongly-accused worker

Melbourne's Metro Trains must reinstate a station officer wrongfully accused of stealing from a bag placed in lost property, but the FWC has halved her backpay due to her failure to follow correct procedures.

Tribunal reinstates ATO's "square peg in a round hole"

The FWC has ordered the ATO to reinstate a senior officer dismissed for being a "square peg" that wouldn't fit into a round hole after he was unable to perform the duties of a new role.

Worker couldn't fulfil job's inherent requirements: Bench

An FWC full bench has found a presidential member got her facts wrong when she found an employee recovering from a skydiving accident was capable of performing the inherent requirements of his position.

Not mandatory to sack teachers charged with child assault: Bench

The NSW Catholic Education Office is considering an appeal against an FWC full bench ruling that child protection legislation does not oblige employers to dismiss teachers charged with indecent assault against minors but only stops them from performing "child-related work".

Drunk GM's $300,000 damages payout slashed

The general manager of a leading insurance brokerage sacked for his drunken conduct has had his $300,000 wrongful termination damages payout discounted by 70%, after the NSW Supreme Court of Appeal upheld the employer's appeal.

ANZ to pay $100,000-plus after "flawed" misconduct probe

An ANZ state director sacked for allegedly altering a confidential internal email and forwarding it to a journalist has today been awarded more than $100,000 for wrongful dismissal by the NSW Court of Appeal.

Auto-termination clause doesn't stop worker pursuing dismissal claim

A worker purportedly hired to work on a construction project until her demobilisation "automatically" terminated her employment was entitled to make an unfair dismissal claim, because she wasn't employed to perform a "specified task", an FWC full bench has found.