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HSU entry permit inquiry nearing end

The Fair Work Commission's inquiry into the HSU's recent troubles with entry permit applications, first aired in the Heydon Royal Commission, is nearing its conclusion.

CFMEU's record a factor in $100,000-plus fines

The Federal Court has criticised the CFMEU for its "deplorable" approach to complying with the law, ordering it to pay a penalty of more than $100,000 for a series of breaches on a wind farm construction site and to stop interfering in the project.

Union official denied entry permit over Westgate Bridge breaches

The FWC has refused to issue a new entry permit to an AMWU organiser who engaged in "egregious" conduct during the notorious Westgate Bridge dispute in 2009, and has described as "baffling" a 2011 decision to grant him a permit.

New permit for CFMEU leader, despite FWBC opposition

The FWC has issued a new, unconditional entry permit to the CFMEU construction and general division's Queensland leader, rejecting the building watchdog's argument that it should be withheld because of union conduct that has attracted more than $900,000 in fines during his eight years as "ringmaster".

Linfox recommends one-out-all-out for entry permit abuses

The NUW says there is no basis for a Linfox Australia submission to the Productivity Commission that recommends a radical overhaul of entry laws and cites a "case study" that criticises the union's conduct at a major retailer's warehouse.

Bench quashes CFMEU entry permit suspensions

A FWC full bench has overturned the suspension of 12 CFMEU officials' entry permits, finding that the original sanctions were not linked to the resolution of an ongoing right of entry dispute but appeared to be punishment for past bad behaviour.

Asmar challenge to entry permit inquiry fails

The Federal Court has thrown out a challenge by Victorian HSU leaders to the Fair Work Commission's inquiry into allegations that the union rorted the right of entry permit system.

Asmar returned as HSU branch leader

The secretary of the HSU's Victoria No 1 branch, Diana Asmar, has been returned with a resounding majority, but still faces scrutiny over the branch's alleged failure to follow procedures for issuing entry permits to organisers.