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Never a "true balance" in representation: FWC

The FWC has observed it is "not necessary" to consider whether representation creates unfairness between parties, as a French company was granted permission to engage a lawyer to defend a self-represented employee's unfair dismissal claim.

CFMEU official fined, but spared personal payment order

A court has elected not to impose a personal payment order against a CFMEU official fined $7500 for organising action that severely disrupted a major construction project, despite finding his actions "nothing short of unconscionable".

Wage stagnation threatening economy, warns former Treasurer

Suppressed wage growth and rising inequality pose a threat to both Australia's economy and its political stability, according to former Labor treasurer Wayne Swan, who used a party-sponsored conference on the weekend to confirm that his personal economic settings had been "moved to the left" by the GFC.

"No-one knows" when wages will take off: RBA's Lowe

RBA Governor Philip Lowe is maintaining his faith that the laws of supply and demand will eventually lead to higher wages, but has conceded that the low growth in pay is a global phenomenon that is troubling central banks and "no-one really knows how long it is going to last".

Uber wants less red tape, more "social protection" for drivers

Uber says legal distinctions between employees and independent contractors are discouraging it from offering training and "other perks and benefits" to drivers, while emphasising the company's intent to work with policymakers to provide "new models of social protection".

Technology "destroying" jobs under current policies, Senate told

A jobs guarantee and universal basic income are among the policies government must embrace if Australia is to avoid a technology-led march towards inferior low-paying jobs, a leading academic has told a Senate inquiry into the future of work.

Uber not an employer, says FWC

An Uber driver's failure to convince the FWC that he is an employee is unlikely to deter other challenges according to an academic, while the case raises questions as to whether traditional legal tests can be applied to the gig economy.