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Court backs FWO's power to delve into past

In a significant decision on FWO investigative powers under recent laws stiffening protections for vulnerable workers, the Federal Court has rejected a franchisor's bid to have declared void a notice to produce documents created before the legislation came into force.

Pilots' hours under review as Qantas records $1.9bn loss

Reducing pilots' hours is among the options being considered by Qantas in its push for "productivity and flexibility benefits" from its remaining workforce after cutting at least 6000 jobs across the business in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Member "misapplied" safety procedure in reinstating worker: Bench

BlueScope Steel has for the second time in a year succeeded in challenging the reinstatement of a worker dismissed for a critical safety breach, an FWC full bench resoundingly rejecting a tribunal member's characterisation of the incident as "minor".

AMP commits to release harassment report

Financial services giant AMP Limited says it will publicly release a report on a 2017 sexual harassment complaint against a senior executive if the alleged victim agrees to the contents being disclosed.

Booming Officeworks faces strike over new deal offer

Employees at three Officeworks' distribution centres in NSW and Victoria plan a 24-hour strike on Monday over what they say is a low-ball offer from management on a new enterprise agreement despite booming sales during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Large employer fined for "brazen" exploitation ahead of class action

Days before SA's largest private employer is due to defend a class action on behalf of thousands of its convenience store workers, a tribunal has in awarding almost $65,000 in penalties to an underpaid console operator found it still at risk of non-compliance.

Pastor told to "repent" free to pursue unfair dismissal claim

A church has failed to persuade the FWC that a pastor was not an employee when he was given an ultimatum to "repent" or be "released" from his role, the tribunal finding that his regular salary and leave payments for full-time hours indicated the existence of a legal relationship.

"Incompetent" HR manager bungled sacking: FWC

An "incompetent" HR manager's bungled sacking of a retail worker has contributed to an FWC finding that it was unfair, despite the employee's secret recordings of disciplinary meetings providing a valid reason.

CBA underpayments bill reaches $57M; & more

CBA underpayments bill reaches $57M; Court sidelines coach's underpayments claim; Church aged-care organisations give enforceable undertakings to FWO; and Union threatens walkout over masks.

NTEU to launch underpayment class actions

The NTEU says it is preparing a "wave of class actions" and will "open the rule book" in pursuing other avenues to recover millions of dollars in underpayments on behalf of highly casualised university employees.