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Court fines CFMEU for sacking "Trot"

The Federal Court has fined the CFMEU's mining and energy division $45,000 for taking adverse action against a former Pilbara organiser after the AWU complained that he was a "Trot" who was "bagging" the union.

Court rejects "fanciful" sexual harassment claim

The Federal Court has thrown out a Monash University academic's sex discrimination claim, based on more than 50 alleged incidents over five years of employment, finding that she subjectively reconstructed "innocent events" after failing to fulfil her professional ambitions.

Union activity not the reason for failed promotions: tribunal

A long-time power station employee who claimed to have been "oddly unsuccessful" in six promotion applications has failed to convince a tribunal that he was discriminated against because of his union or industrial activity.

Workplace can include pub across the road: Federal Court

A full court of the Federal Court has upheld a finding that a pub two work colleagues visited to deal with s-xual advances one made to the other in their office across the road was a "workplace" under federal discrimination legislation.

Oracle case sets new standard for sexual harassment compensation

In a watershed anti-discrimination ruling, a full Federal Court has found community standards now demand higher compensation for non-economic loss in s--ual harassment cases, and has increased a former Oracle manager's overall damages award from less than $20,000 to $130,000.

FWC tells MUA to ditch "Aussie jobs" clause

The Fair Work Commission has ordered the MUA not to push for "Australians first" job clauses that might breach anti-discrimination laws during the hotly-contested enterprise bargaining round in the offshore oil and gas services sector.