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FWC allows dispute lodged after redundancy

An employee made redundant 12 days before lodging a dispute with the FWC can challenge his redundancy after the Commission rejected the employer's jurisdictional objection that he wasn't covered by the agreement at the time.

Charity's "clumsy" contract sees unfair dismissal claim proceed

A national charity has had its jurisdictional objection to an employee's unfair dismissal claim rejected after the FWC found an employment contract contained "ambiguity and uncertainty" about whether it was for a fixed period.

"Traps" in Sodexo assurances make HR promises "meaningless"

Cleaning contractor Sodexo has been unable to escape paying severance to some workers it transferred to a new employer, after the FWC found it failed to find them acceptable alternative work and criticised "misleading traps" that rendered "meaningless" its national HR manager's "guarantee" their entitlements would be protected.

"Kiss my arse" worker abandoned employment in fit of pique

The FWC has thrown out an unfair dismissal claim from a worker who suggested his general manager "kiss my arse", finding he "resigned his employment in a moment of pique", while it has ordered another employer to compensate a supported wage worker who told a supervisor to "shove his roster up his arse".

FWC accepts six-minutes-late dismissal claim; & more

FWC accepts six-minutes-late dismissal claim; Creative crane driver fails to win job back; FWC member showed no real or apparent bias, says bench; and Tribunal douses smoker's bid to win job back.

Death cover pushes employee's salary over high-income limit

An FWC full bench has thrown out a senior employee's unfair dismissal claim, ruling his life insurance premium, paid by his employer, counted towards his annual income and pushed his earnings beyond the high-income threshold.