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Court orders go-slow for class actions as Rossato awaited

The Federal Court has called "pens down" on two Adero Law class actions challenging Hays and Stellar Recruitment's use of casual mineworkers in the black coal industry, as the parties await Workpac's bid to thwart "double dipping" claims and consider additional cross claims.

Visa worker not sacked for prohibited reason, FWC finds

In a rare FWC-arbitrated adverse action ruling, an employer has established that it sacked a bar supervisor because his performance deteriorated when he found out that it could not sponsor him for permanent residency and not because he asserted his workplace rights.

Tribunal backs sacking after male-on-male harassment

The FWC has upheld the dismissal of a 63-year-old male employee who sent text messages calling a 37-year-old male colleague his "bitch" and "toy boy" and threatened to "molest" him and squeeze his testicles until it made him cry.

Forklift "burnouts" dismissal beyond challenge, FWC rules

The FWC has upheld the summary sacking of a process worker who smashed glass and poured thinner onto the ground to aid his forklift burnouts, finding the conduct "so extreme that it does not warrant any further inquiry", as "no explanation or mitigation" could avoid the result.

Former AMWU leader farewells Senate

In a valedictory speech tracing his arrival in Sydney as an "economic refugee" in 1973 to becoming a union leader and Labor shadow minister, Senator Doug Cameron has told the Senate that his belief in socialism drove him to seek a Senate seat and credited his wife with saving him from alcohol addiction.

60% minimum pay goal might be too low: Report

New Zealand's adoption of minimum wage rises that will on current trends lift the pay floor beyond 68% of median earnings by 2021 suggests that Australian unions might be too timid in pushing for a 60% benchmark, according to a new Centre for Future Work study that examines the lessons for Australia from the Ardern coalition government's IR reforms.

Mill employees win sweet ruling on day's work

In a decision that canvasses the definition of a day's work, the FWC has ruled sugar crushing workers who perform higher duties during overtime are entitled to be paid at a premium rate for their entire shift.

ABCC taking workers to court for attending rallies

The ABCC today filed legal action in the Federal Court alleging that more than 50 individual workers from Liberty OneSteel took unlawful industrial action last year by attending an ACTU Change the Rules rally.

Employer not required to pay idle workers at fire-damaged mill: FWC

A Tasmanian wood mill operator that stood down its workforce after this year's bushfires has established that even though its agreement requires workers to be paid for time lost due to such natural events, it does not have to pay them if it is because of bushfire-damaged machinery.