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Umpire's chambers hosted "erotic" figurines, life-size Trump cut-out

FWC Deputy President Gerard Boyce removed "inappropriate" female figurines from his Sydney chambers after senior colleagues and others raised concerns about them, while the presence of a "life-size cardboard cut-out" of President Donald Trump was at least "unwise", the tribunal's general manager told a Senate Estimates hearing today.

"Obvious financial detriment" sinks deal, says bench

An FWC full bench has quashed the approval of a Uniting Church agreement that the nurses' union said was "unworthy" of its secretary's signature after a claimed industrial gerrymander, finding an undertaking introduced "obvious financial detriment".

Bench quashes Gina's rail deal

An FWC full bench has quashed the approval of deal negotiated with two train drivers but set to cover an entire transferred workforce on the Roy Hill Pilbara mine network, finding a senior member failed to properly consider whether the employer took all reasonable steps to explain the effect of its terms.

Agreement's age-based medical exams discriminatory: FWC

A proposed agreement requiring employees aged 50 and over to submit to more frequent medical examinations will be considered for approval only if the term is removed, the FWC has found.

McAleer loses appeal over withdrawn entry permit

An FWC full bench has rejected MUA Sydney branch secretary Paul McAleer's appeal against being denied an entry permit, finding a tribunal member held no obligation to signal that the official might have his rights withdrawn after 12 years due to a history of industrial law breaches.

FWC endorses pre-vote emailing of agreement documents

In a case confirming that emailing agreement and award documents and links to workers before they vote for a deal can meet pre-approval requirements, a senior FWC member has also outlined why he prefers to deal with non-party concerns early in the process.

We did answer the question: Ross to fellow judges

An FWC bench led by Justice Iain Ross has shot back at a full Federal Court direction to properly answer a question posed by the president himself, maintaining it had already done so before highlighting the relevant passages.

Added NERR wording coloured agreement process: FWC

The FWC has rejected a massage therapists' deal on the basis that extra wording in a preamble and at the end of the representational rights notice might have affected employees' interpretation and detracted from key messages.

Appointments looming for FWC expert panel

The Morrison Government is expected to soon make long-delayed appointments to the FWC's expert panel, ahead of the annual wage review picking up steam.