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Beware Skene undertakings, Ai Group tells employers

The Australian Industry Group is warning employers not to rush in to making agreement undertakings incorporating a recent key decision on casual leave until the Federal Court determines a challenge to the ruling's ambit.

Class action specialists circle casual leave case

Class action law firm Adero is lining up with the CFMMEU and the worker at the centre of a key casual leave ruling to intervene in Workpac's bid to block another casual from winning entitlements, arguing it is an abuse of process and that the issue could be better dealt with via a class action.

Builders wanted day's warning of safety checks, says union

The CFMMEU is taking a building company to court for allegedly requiring 24 hours' written notice for permit holders wanting to investigate suspected safety breaches at a WA construction site unless the union sent someone qualified to carry out testing.

Lawyer's "selective" excerpts cruel recusal application

A judge in declining to recuse himself from hearing a dismissal case has taken a young self-represented lawyer to task for his "selective" transcription of a court hearing to argue bias.

Unions pursue national IR manager over alleged underpayments

Three unions have won court approval to argue that the IR manager of a major service provider should be held accessorially liable for alleged underpayment of workers at Esso's onshore and offshore Bass Strait sites.

Election spending law enshrines political "privilege": Unions NSW

Unions NSW will in December argue before the High Court that that the "desired goal" of State restrictions on spending by third party campaigners is to deliberately create an uneven playing field by ensuring parties and candidates enjoy a "privileged position" in elections.

MBA investigated over induction fees

The construction watchdog is investigating whether Master Builders Tasmania charged induction fees for more than 120 Chinese plasterers in order to work on a major project in Hobart.

Court issues rare common fund order for IR class action

In a first glimpse of common fund orders that law firm Adero plans to seek in a suite of IR class actions, the Federal Court has given hundreds of current and former Airservices Australia managers until mid-December to opt out of an underpayments case or be bound by its payment terms.

Judge questions laws on docking pay for unlawful industrial acts

A Federal Court judge has questioned the "wisdom or fairness" of laws requiring employers to subtract four hours' pay for as little as 10 minutes unprotected action, after finding the AWU breached the Fair Work Act when an official asked a BlueScope manager not to dock returning strikers for starting a shift late.