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Court throws out hurt and humiliation claim

A former sporting association CEO has failed in his second attempt to win a damages payout for the hurt, distress and loss of reputation caused by his mid-season sacking.

Expert panel member resigns after disqualification from super review

A member of the Fair Work Commission's expert panel has resigned after being disqualified, due to a potential conflict of interest, from participating in the review of default superannuation funds. Meanwhile, the Financial Services Council's challenge to the make-up of the panel is to be heard this week.

"Inconsistency" no basis for new appeal mechanism: Ross

There is "no substance" to the claims of inconsistent FWC decision-making that have underpinned calls for an independent appeal mechanism, according to the tribunal's president, Justice Iain Ross.

Super panel presses on with review in face of retail fund challenge

The FWC's President, Justice Iain Ross, in a ruling handed down this morning, has told the Financial Services Council it should take its complaint about the constitution of the default superannuation expert panel to the Federal Court.

Court rules employer disciplinary breach not "trivial", awards compensation

The Federal Court has awarded a nursing assistant $15,500 for her employer's failure to follow the three-strike disciplinary procedure in its enterprise agreement, but rejected her claims that it breached an implied term of trust and confidence in her employment contract.

Prison officer involved in custody death wins court appeal

A senior prison officer's long-running bid to keep his job remains alive after he successfully challenged a ruling by a NSW IRC full bench that upheld threats to dismiss him for failing to follow correct procedures in an incident that led to the death of a prisoner.