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Turnbull bringing on IR bill votes next month

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is recalling both houses of parliament for a crunch vote on the bills to re-establish the ABCC and set up the Registered Organisations Commission, which is expected to pave the way for a double dissolution election.

Labor Bill to seek to boost protections for visa workers

The Opposition has given notice that it will introduce a Private Member's Bill that would trigger a crackdown on underpayments, sham contracting and exploitation of temporary visa workers.

FWO launches auditing blitz in help request hotspots

The FWO will enlist local employer groups in a three-month auditing blitz of more than 400 businesses in regions where workers are making "persistent" requests for assistance, including Perth, Adelaide and Dandenong.

Circuit Court questions FWBC building company prosecution

The Federal Circuit Court has questioned why the FWBC chose not to prosecute the director of a phoenixed bricklaying company that failed to pay correct pay and entitlements to several "daily hire" workers.