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Solicitor's client deserved better, says judge

The Federal Circuit Court has blasted a solicitor over his "complete failure" to adequately explain his late lodgement of a worker's adverse action claim, observing his client "deserved much better".

"Chaos" if arbitrated deals not binding: Bench

The Full Federal Court has dismissed an employer's attempted challenge to an arbitrated decision by the FWC, finding that an enterprise agreement at Victoria's Yallourn power station and coal mine provided for "final and binding" dispute resolution.

FWO drops Foodora test case

The FWO has dropped its case against Foodora over alleged sham contracts, bringing to a premature close what was anticipated to be a significant test of the gig economy's employment relationships in Australia.

Premier drawn into abortion tweet dismissal case

A former Cricket Australia manager's lawyers have today filed legal action in the Federal Court alleging she was dismissed over personal tweets, in the latest test of an employee's use of social media to express political opinions.

Court reduces penalty after adverse publicity finding

In a significant decision on adverse publicity as a factor in setting penalties, a judge has heavily discounted fines sought against an underpaying Melbourne restaurant chain while criticising the FWO's practice of naming and shaming employers before their day in court.

Actors fluff portrayal as employees

Three actors in a government-commissioned theatre production have failed to convince a court that they were employees engaged on "sham" contracts, rather than independent contractors.

"Righteousness" not enough for unrepresented worker hit with costs

The Federal Circuit Court has slugged an unrepresented litigant with an order to pay $12,500 of his former employer's legal costs, finding that although he did not run the case vexatiously, mere allegations unsupported by evidence rendered it "baseless and groundless".