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Sacked employee's claim rejected for "double dipping"

An employee who lodged a general protections claim only minutes after making a complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission has had her claim knocked back by the FWC because of provisions banning "double dipping".

Employer to pay $87,000 in costs to unfairly dismissed teacher

The FWC has ordered an employer that ran an "absurd" Monty Pythonesque defence to pay almost $90,000 to cover the legal costs of a teacher it sacked for "disgraceful, improper or unbecoming" conduct after she aired grievances at a school meeting.

Domino's delivery driver acted reasonably after hours cut: FWC

The FWC has weighed up the "unsophisticated" HR system of a Domino's Pizza franchisee against the "high degree of HRM specialist advice" available from the franchisor, in considering an unfair dismissal claim by a delivery driver who blew the whistle on his employer's alleged OHS and payroll breaches.

Unfair to sack worker who refused company-wide pay cut: FWC

An FWC presidential member has accepted the legitimacy of employers negotiating with employees to take a pay cut to ride out a business downturn, but has found it unfair to dismiss the only one who refused the 10% reduction.

Accused time sheet fraudster fails to win job back; and more

Accused time sheet fraudster fails to win job back; Academic's dismissal for misappropriating funds upheld; Both sides lose bid for legal representation; Truck driver compensated despite near-miss; and Swearing worker failed to comprehend impact of conduct.

Worker displaced by robots wins job back

A straddle driver who lost his job as a result of an automation-driven restructure at Patrick Stevedores' Port Botany container terminal has won his job back after the FWC ruled his dismissal was not a genuine redundancy.