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October hearing for Coles deal termination bid

An FWC full bench will next month deal with an attempt by the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union to intervene in a bid to terminate the 2011 Coles Supermarkets agreement, before a 10-day hearing of the substantive case in October.

Non-NERR-compliant agreements on hold: FWC

The FWC has asked the Coalition to consider backdating its legislation to give the tribunal discretion to correct minor errors in bargaining notices, after a new regulation designed to reduce defects appears to have made things worse.

FWO abandons ship crew pursuit

The Fair Work Ombudsman has dropped its prosecution of the MUA and seven seafarers, because the FWC's order for them to cease industrial action is likely to be invalid.

Full bench to hear Coles deal termination case

The bid to terminate the Coles Supermarkets enterprise agreement will be heard by an FWC full bench, after the Commission accepted that the 75,000-strong workforce it covered elevated the case to a "a matter of public significance because of its potentially broad economic and commercial effects."

Fairfax cuts spark wildcat strike

Fairfax editorial staff voted today for a week-long strike in protest at a management decision to cut about a quarter of the company’s remaining journalists.

Refugee school cleaners unlawfully stood-down during holidays: Court

In a rare decision on stand-down provisions under the Fair Work Act, the Federal Court has ruled that a contractor failed to comply with its obligation to pay its permanent part-time school cleaners normally during the 16 weeks of school holidays.