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Alcohol-affected captain's sacking harsh, says FWC

The FWC has found a vessel operator's decision to sack an experienced captain for breaching its zero-tolerance alcohol policy was harsh in the circumstances, arguing that it bore some responsibility for unresolved matters that affected his mental health and could have imposed less punitive penalties.

Delegate not victimised, tribunal rules

A tribunal has rejected a claim by a paramedic and union delegate that his employer victimised him when it investigated him for accepting police assurances that a patient was dead rather than follow standard procedures to check whether he was alive.

FWC orders company to share commercially sensitive documents

The ASU and TWU have won access to sensitive internal documents held by aviation ground handlers Aerocare, despite the company arguing that a large number of the unions' members worked for competitors who would benefit from any insight into the algorithms behind its rostering system.

"Array" of HR staff let down sacked nurse: FWC

The FWC has reinstated a nurse dismissed while recovering from a serious car accident and a work-related needle-stick injury, expressing "dismay" at the hospital's failure to inquire about her ability to return to her previous role.

Who dares, doesn't always win, rules FWC

The FWC has determined that Woolworths was justified in sacking a petrol station employee for refusing to hand over money and cigarettes to a "difficult" customer, who then walked off without paying for a Dare iced coffee and spinach ricotta roll.

Ruling on site access has "profound" safety implications: Union

A full Federal Court has found a CFMEU official called onto a Victorian construction site to assist a health and safety representative is not protected by the state's OHS laws and should have had a federal entry permit.

Employers need more hammers in their disciplinary toolbox: FWC

The FWC has called on employers to introduce a greater range of disciplinary options like fines and unpaid suspensions into agreements to avoid "inappropriately lenient or inappropriately harsh" responses to misconduct that are problematic for all parties concerned.