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No orders for worker who "perceived" bullying

The FWC has rejected a bid for anti-bullying orders, finding a sales consultant perceived she had been bullied due to the workplace's sales culture and a "significant degree of hype and competition" among her colleagues.

FWC recommends employer adopt workplace culture improvement plan

The FWC has made broad recommendations for "corrective action" at the Civil Aviation Safety Authority after it dismissed an employee's bid for an anti-bullying order but observed that interpersonal dysfunction within his team could have the "severest consequences".

FWC accedes to bid for bullying investigation documents

The FWC has ordered an employer to hand over a confidential report into alleged bullying complaints, board meeting minutes and communications about its investigation to two employees claiming they were bullied in the workplace.

Bench upholds rejection of bid for bullying order

An FWC full bench has rejected a bid for an anti-bullying order by a cleaner who alleged he was bullied and harassed by his manager when he was called a "pig" and told off after he was caught napping in a disused room he converted into an unofficial staff room.

University defeats bullying-related privacy complaint

A university has fended off a privacy claim after a tribunal found it wasn't responsible for the actions of two academics who sent emails that disclosed a complainant's health information as part of a response to an FWC bullying claim.

Tribunal upholds sacking of employees for verbal abuse of colleagues

The FWC has found two companies had valid reasons for dismissing male workers who verbally abused female colleagues, but in one case it did not justify going the further step of summarily sacking the long-serving employee from a workplace that tolerated the "F bomb".

Valid to sack worker for "bullying" Facebook post: FWC

A worker who made derogatory comments about a supervisor on social media has won $28,000 compensation because he was never told his dismissal was partly based on a confidential report claiming his behaviour had a negative effect on his colleagues.

Share gender equity responsibility between HR and managers: Report

Responsibility for gender equity strategies should be partially devolved from centralised HR departments to line managers, and training to combat "unconscious bias" in selection processes should be mandated for supervisors and managers, according to a new report on barriers to women's career advancement in higher education.