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Xmas party breast-toucher gets job back

A NSW public servant who admitted touching the breasts of five women during a 2012 Christmas party has won his job back after the NSW IRC found he was treated more harshly than a senior manager who was only demoted.

Marijuana smoker wins job back despite zero tolerance policy

Zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policies are back in the spotlight following the FWC's decision to reinstate a ship's master who crashed his ferry into a Sydney Harbour wharf 16 hours after smoking marijuana at home to relieve shoulder pain.

Secondment arrangement akin to labour hire: Bench

A Flinders University analyst who argued that she was dismissed to avoid an investigation of her workplace bullying allegations has failed to convince a Fair Work Commission full bench she should be able to appeal the rejection of her unfair dismissal claim.

Court rules employer disciplinary breach not "trivial", awards compensation

The Federal Court has awarded a nursing assistant $15,500 for her employer's failure to follow the three-strike disciplinary procedure in its enterprise agreement, but rejected her claims that it breached an implied term of trust and confidence in her employment contract.

Teacher wins reinstatement appeal

In a ruling that highlights the need for tribunal members to fully explore reinstatement options for unfairly dismissed employees, the Fair Work Commission has upheld an appeal by a Catholic teacher against a decision not to give him his job back.

Federal Court rejects bid to overturn delegate's reinstatement

The Federal Court has dismissed a stevedoring company's challenge to the interim reinstatement of a MUA delegate, despite acknowledging the company's belief that the orders undermined its authority to manage workplace bullying and harassment.

CBA tells High Court to ignore House of Lords "trust and confidence" ruling

In one of the most significant employment law cases in the last hundred years, a former Commonwealth Bank executive asked the High Court on Monday to balance the "ledger" by recognising the existence of an implied term of trust and confidence in all Australian employment contracts, while the bank warned it against adopting English law.

Prison officer involved in custody death wins court appeal

A senior prison officer's long-running bid to keep his job remains alive after he successfully challenged a ruling by a NSW IRC full bench that upheld threats to dismiss him for failing to follow correct procedures in an incident that led to the death of a prisoner.