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Victoria introduces industrial manslaughter laws

Victorian Attorney-General and workplace safety minister Jill Hennessy says that new legislation to create a criminal offence of industrial manslaughter could extend to some workplace-linked suicides and to diseases such as silicosis.

"Unidentifiable" consequences help post-midnight claim proceed

In a decision that potentially moves the dial on how much the 21-day deadline for unfair dismissal claims can be stretched, the FWC has in discerning no practical consequences granted an extension to a worker who lodged their form 29 minutes after midnight on a Friday.

Employer body denied refund of millions in payroll tax

A peak employer body has lost a lengthy battle to reclaim millions of dollars in payroll tax on the basis of its charity status, a court finding the network's model "primarily focused on serving the self-interest of its members" rather than promoting a stronger economy for everyone.

Employers resuscitating Work Choices-era bargaining: Economist

The continuing paucity of union-negotiated agreements coupled with the Coalition's "business-friendly" IR agenda stands to cost private sector workers an average of $2000 over the course of a three-year deal, according to an economist who claims we are witnessing a return to Work Choices-era bargaining.

"Race to the bottom" warning if award covers early-career lawyers

The Law Institute of Victoria has voiced its support for expanding the Legal Services Award to include early-career lawyers in private practice, but concedes that setting a minimum salary could lead to a "race to the bottom".

Revisit "fragmented" workplace investigation laws: Academic

Inconsistent decisions, a fragmented legal framework and an inadequate licensing regime for private investigators are combining to create uncertainty for those involved in workplace investigations, according to an academic who is calling for regulatory overhaul.

Deleting NERR's union references "herded" employees: FWC

A large employer's decision to excise union references from its representational rights notice has scuppered its proposed agreement, the FWC observing that employees were effectively being "herded" towards two colleagues who had negotiated the previous deal.

Hefty penalty for KKR-backed company that forged payslips

A company "motivated by malice" when it forged documents to cut the leave balance of a chief operating officer it perceived as "a thorn in its side" has been ordered to pay $250,000 in penalties and unpaid entitlements.

FOI knockback for worker who waited six years for ruling

The Federal Circuit Court has rebuffed an FOI request made on behalf of a worker probing a six-year wait for a judgment clearing a Boral subsidiary of vicarious liability for her sexual harassment, which she is appealing on the basis that the delay makes it "unsafe".