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Security guards who "forgot" $58,000 reinstated

Armaguard has been ordered to reinstate two security guards sacked for their part in a "string of failures" that resulted in almost $60,000 cash being stolen, the FWC finding that the company failed to take into account numerous mitigating circumstances.

Westpac manager's technology workaround breached security code

Westpac was entitled to dismiss a premium client manager for putting customer service ahead of protecting their personal information when he loaned his allegedly troublesome work phone to a visiting relative and used his private Gmail account as a workaround for the bank's "slow" internal email system, the FWC has found.

"Support person does more than offer tissues": FWC

The FWC has ordered an employment agency to pay 26 weeks' wages in compensation to a job placement officer it sacked for failing to declare convictions for Centrelink fraud, the tribunal criticising an HR manager's handling of the process while pouring water on claims that a clean record was an "inherent requirement" of her job.

Labor, unions fume over Ministerial picks to bolster FWC numbers

Just months after employers called on the Coalition to consider installing seven new FWC members, pointedly highlighting the number of ALP appointees, the Morrison Government has announced five new deputy presidents and a commissioner, many with strong links to the business sector.

Award reviews axed, agreement wrinkles ironed out

The FWC will no longer be required to conduct four-yearly reviews of modern awards, while being given powers to approve enterprise agreements despite minor procedural or technical errors, under long-delayed legislation passed by the Federal Parliament last night.

HR manager's "overreach" undermines sacking

An HR manager's "unnecessary allegations" and "overreach" have contributed to a finding that although a drug and alcohol tester's failure to declare he was taking Nurofen Plus provided a valid reason for dismissal, his sacking was unfair.

Response "difficult to comprehend" given employer's HR expertise: FWC

The FWC on a rehearing has taken a different view of a beach inspector's claims that a supervisor authorised him to modify council cars, but found deficiencies with his employer's response that were "difficult to comprehend" given its HR expertise.