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FWC reinstates jettisoned driver

A bus company must reinstate a driver it dismissed on the spot, after CCTV footage undermined claims that he shouted at his general manager and behaved unreasonably after a meeting about his forcible ejection of a highly abusive would-be passenger.

Employer's bland statement no assistance; & more

Bench says employer's "bland" description no help to BOOT assessment; FWC takes chainsaw to gardener's sacking; and Tribunal rejects bid to require witness to appear in person.

"Lying thief" employee was a scapegoat: FWC

An administration manager sacked for being a "lying thief" has been awarded compensation of more than $13,000 after the FWC found instead that she had likely been made a scapegoat for a business's alleged attempt to commit insurance fraud.

Bench draws "fine" line on misconduct in abusive mineworker case

In a closely-watched dismissal case contemplating how much weight should be attached to mitigating factors, an FWC majority full bench has reinstated a worker sacked for his foul abuse and threats to colleagues via text messages and phone calls while drunk.

Reinstatement untenable after loss of trust in employer

In a rare case turning on an employee's loss of trust in his employer rather than the other way around, the FWC has stepped back from ordering the reinstatement of a worker found to have been unfairly dismissed, despite describing it as the most "compelling" remedy.

Worker sacked for blowing whistle on drunk employer: FWC

The FWC has ordered a franchisee to compensate an unfairly dismissed employee who contacted head office to report her boss for drunkenness and drink driving in accordance with company whistleblowing provisions.

"Casual" employee entitled to annual leave: Court

In a decision sure to be closely analysed by employers, a court has ruled that a worker is entitled to accrued annual leave despite being paid a casual loading for 15 years.