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Qantas back before FWC over "downgraded" jobs

Qantas is once again being forced to defend its approach to employee classification, with the FWC today commencing a three-day hearing into allegations the airline is requiring senior catering coordinators to fulfil a similar role at significantly reduced pay after effectively rechristening their positions.

Redundancies not genuine when workers reject pay cut: FWC

The FWC has thrown out an employer's argument that a "wide view" of the Fair Work Act allowed it to make four safety officers working on the Gorgon LNG project redundant when they refused to accept a 13% pay cut.

Order against telco that exploited, threatened overseas students

The Federal Circuit Court has ordered a company to pay more than $7,000 in unpaid wages and super to a student visa holder after hearing evidence of a deliberate scheme to exploit young international students working in Australia.

Award safety net increasingly porous: O'Connor

Shadow IR Minister Brendan O'Connor has questioned whether industry awards are operating as a "decent safety net" any more, signalling that Labor is looking at ways to change the Fair Work Act to ensure negotiations over workers' wages and conditions are conducted "on a level playing field".

No link between minimum pay increases and better health: Report

As the FWC minimum wage panel draws closer to a determination in its annual review, a discussion paper based on surveys of more than 700,000 "lesser skilled" Americans has questioned whether policymakers need to consider mechanisms other than minimum pay rates as a means of improving health outcomes for low-paid workers.

Come back with a lawyer, says Federal Court

The Federal Court has refused an application by a company to be represented by its operations manager rather than a lawyer, ruling that the manager lacked "the necessary degree of objectivity and skill" required to conduct the case.