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Lambie opposed to ABCC Bill

Key senator Jacqui Lambie says she will not support the Turnbull Government's legislation to re-establish the ABCC.

ABCC Bill doesn't address Heydon's union governance focus: Academic

The Turnbull Government is seeking to make a direct link between the Heydon Royal Commission's findings and the ABCC legislation that looks set to be a double-dissolution trigger, but there is no concrete policy connection between the two, according to a leading IR academic.

Crossbenchers yet to be convinced to support IR bills

The Turnbull Government's threat of a double dissolution election is yet to convince crucial Senate crossbenchers to pass the ABCC and registered organisations bills next month.

Lawler's conduct "undignified", far below expectations: Heerey

Former Fair Work Commission Vice-President Michael Lawler's conduct on the ABC's Four Corners program was "far below" what the public was entitled to expect from somebody in his position, according to the silk who investigated his conduct.

Boral chief an "industrial warrior", says CFMEU silk

The CFMEU wants to examine the safety record of the building supply company Boral as part of the committal hearing of blackmail charges against the union's top two officials in Victoria.

Turnbull Government minister backs project-length agreements; and more

Resources minister says project agreements worth considering; Workers have "right to know" how transition from fossil fuels will be managed, says Burrow; Public and private sector IT professionals' pay rises "diverging"; and Queensland Parliament rejects LNP bid to reverse entry rules.

Unions should learn to live with ROC: Forsyth

RMIT academic Professor Anthony Forsyth has told a forum on the Heydon Royal Commission that he has shifted his position on whether a specialist regulator of unions and employer organisations is justified, and now believes unions should accept the Coalition's proposed Registered Organisations Commission.

IR list for Victorian Supreme Court

The Victorian Supreme Court has established an employment and IR list to streamline case management and expedite matters coming to trial.