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Judge raises "atmospherics" of law firm's role in restraint case

A Federal Court restraint ruling has given short shrift to a late bid to void a loan company manager's contract because of delayed separation payments, while noting in passing the "atmospherics" of it being argued by the same law firm defending his new employer.

NSW to impose safety standards on delivery platforms, riders

The NSW Government has announced plans to introduce the country's first comprehensive safety laws targeting the food delivery sector, including mandatory personal protective equipment for workers required to carry unique identification numbers.

Westpac, CBA to cover time off for COVID-19 shots

Westpac has introduced special paid leave for employees to get COVID-19 vaccinations after the FSU wrote to financial institutions seeking two days' paid leave for all staff to get shots, while the Commonwealth Bank says it will also allow time off for the purpose.

No "fuel" for union's conspiracy theory over deal: Bench

A FWC bench after ordering an employer to produce documents has found nothing to support a CEPU "conspiracy theory" that it manipulated a deal's approval process by laying off members while bringing in former managers who voted it up.

Department hits back at nurses' "rigid" ratio campaign

In the wake of NSW public sector nurses taking industrial action in pursuit of nurse-to-patient ratios, NSW Health says they "do not reflect modern rostering practises", even though they are used in the Labor states of Queensland and Victoria.

Bench shines light on recusal question

A full bench has in throwing out a challenge to a recusal decision sought to dispel mounting confusion over when an FWC member who conciliates a matter should recuse themselves from hearing it.

Key union seeks to expunge Queensland pay cap

The UWU is seeking at this weekend's Queensland ALP conference to axe the Palaszczuk Government's public sector wage cap, which limits annual pay rises to 2.5%.

Ministerial flexibility request bears fruit

An FWC full bench has provisionally backed a Restaurant and Catering Industrial proposal to streamline restaurant award classifications, exempt higher-paid workers from key award conditions for higher pay and introduce all-in allowances.

Bench's safety concerns derail Sydney Trains proposal

The FWC has again blocked Sydney Trains from compelling electrical workers to participate in a trial to reduce downtime during maintenance, with a full bench finding it would introduce risks inconsistent with its obligations under safety laws.