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Don't re-open casuals case, says AMWU; and more

AMWU urges full bench to reject bid to re-open casual service case; FWC dismisses claim by "bullied" manager who didn’t appear; Wages might be on the rise, says RBA; and Training obligations should continue for 457 visa sponsors.

Teacher rejects bullying remedy

The FWC has thrown out a teacher's anti-bullying application after he withdrew his acceptance of settlement terms that included relocation to a new workplace and anger management support and sought to re-activate his case.

Alleged bullying the result of employee's actions: FWC

The FWC has dismissed a bid for anti-bullying orders because the alleged instances of bullying flowed from the employee's actions and the employer's directions in response were lawful and reasonable.

Full bench rejects "re-run" appeal over bullying dismissal

A nurse sacked for allegedly bullying and harassing colleagues after a workplace dispute has had her unfair dismissal appeal rejected because her claims were nothing more than a "re-run" of the original case, an FWC full bench has found.

Anti-bullying case against ETU in CUB dispute

The major labour hire company embroiled in the Carlton & United Breweries dispute in Melbourne has begun a novel anti-bullying case and general protections claim against the ETU.