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Hugging teacher fails to win back job

An FWC full bench has today found errors in a ruling that upheld a private school's sacking of a 52-year-old teacher for hugging students and other misdeeds, but has refused to overturn it.

Vax reaction excuses late dismissal claim: FWC

A Filipino worker who relied on her husband to lodge a general protections claim has won more time to file after the FWC accepted his second Pfizer vaccination put him out of action for two days, while the tribunal has granted an extension in another case due to a lawyer's miscounting.

Qantas not for turning on outsourcing strategy

Qantas has told a federal parliamentary inquiry that its decision to outsource almost 1700 ground crew roles is a "permanent shift", despite it continuing to face a Federal Court action seeking their reinstatement.

Negotiation breakthrough eases truckies' strike threat

The TWU says Toll workers will not participate in planned national strikes next week if delegates accept an in-principle deal struck with the transport group that includes improved job security and an industry-first 15% employer superannuation contribution.

Employers support early childhood teachers' January pay hikes

A FWC full bench has held early childhood teachers should receive a pay rise of up to 13.6% from the start of next year as part of an IEU work value claim, after the union reached a consent position with some employers and others failed to back up affordability concerns.

Circus fined after 13-year-old acrobat hospitalised

A travelling circus has been ordered to pay $21,000 in fines and costs for failing to obtain mandatory child employment permits for three 13-year-old Chinese nationals recruited to work as acrobats.

Newsflash: High Court throws out challenge by JCU's Ridd

In a significant ruling on academic free speech, the High Court has today unanimously upheld James Cook University's right to dismiss academic Peter Ridd for breaching its conduct code when he denounced its climate change research.

Deal back on chopping block as employer appeals shiftwork ruling

The FWC has decided to conclude a case with a "lengthy and complex" history, dismissing an employer's bid to further delay consideration of a union's application to terminate its nominally-expired deal while it challenges the tribunal's rejection of a new agreement to the Federal Court.

"Kafkaesque" pregnancy case proceeds after delay excused

A recruitment company's former operations manager, who is claiming $20,000 for the hurt and humiliation flowing from her alleged discriminatory sacking due to her pregnancy, has won more time to pursue her claim, while her employer has failed in its bid for costs against her "neophyte" lawyer, after a court accepted that there had been "a comedy of errors" that fell well short of representative error.