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Private sector pay growth drops to 2%

The 2% rise in private sector rates of pay last year is the lowest in the almost 20 years of the Wage Price Index, according to the ABS.

Cash lifts public sector wage cap to 2%

The federal government is seeking to break a bargaining impasse in the federal public sector by increasing its wages cap to 2% a year.

Pharmacy Award gets "plain language" redraft

The Fair Work Commission will engage an external "plain language expert" to redraft the Pharmacy Award before it is user-tested in a pilot as part of the tribunal's four-yearly review of modern awards.

Law peak body bags PC proposal to change FWC appointments

Lawyers have told the Productivity Commission that its proposals to end tenure for new FWC appointees and to subject members to performance reviews would undermine the umpire's independence, while raising concern about a suggestion that only non-lawyers should determine matters in the proposed minimum standards division.

Shift focus away from labour productivity, says ACTU

At the National Reform Summit in Canberra today, the ACTU will urge the Turnbull Government to adopt measures to boost multifactor and capital productivity, arguing that labour productivity has been growing and "is not the problem".

Victoria accuses PC of "disconnect" in draft report

The Victorian Government has criticised the Productivity Commission's proposal to create a "two-tiered" penalty rate system, saying it is at odds with its overall view that there is no need for wholesale change to the Fair Work Act.

Study explores potential impact of BlueScope closure

A full shutdown of BlueScope Steel's operation in Port Kembla would double the local unemployment rate to above 15% and deliver a $3.3 billion economic hit, according to a study commissioned by the AWU.