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Vehicle union members authorise action

The vehicle union has won members' backing at stopworks today to begin industrial action from the middle of next month if bargaining with Holden continues to be bogged down.

Bad downsizing leads to deskilling: report

Companies planning to downsize should do so strategically and after consulting employees or face the loss of core skills and employee commitment, according to a study released yesterday.

CFMEU to cooperate if inquiry fair dinkum: Sutton

Construction union national secretary John Sutton said this afternoon his union would cooperate with the Cole Royal Commission if it was genuine about tackling corruption.

Talk to the workers: union's plea on redundancy

The coal mining union's national legal officer, drawing on his experience in fighting five multi-employee unfair dismissal cases following major redundancies, has urged employers to talk to workers and unions about their plans rather than wasting money on "big city lawyers giving bad advice".

Coal & Allied to appeal dismissal ruling

Coal & Allied is seeking to stay and overturn the IRC's decision to reinstate 11 sacked mineworkers from its Hunter Valley No. 1 mine.

Barrister takes Kirby to task over speech

Leading Melbourne workplace relations barrister Stuart Wood has made a blistering attack on High Court Justice Michael Kirby, in an article to appear in tomorrow's Australian Financial Review.

Cost of living data won't push up wage costs

Today's CPI figures will reinforce the moderate wages growth trend, with prices increasing 0.8% in the June quarter and a GST-affected 6% over the past 12 months.

July 24 news update

Unions winning public support; RBA paper says changes to wage fixing might be a key contributor to fundamental inflation regime changes; correction to Tasmanian casinos article; US race discrimination claims settle for big dollars; Strippers' union back in IRC; and more.