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Ban stays, but BHP wins back some ground

A Federal Court full bench has maintained the injunction stopping BHP offering individual contracts to its 500 or so remaining award workers at its Pilbara iron ore operations, after removing two of the three legs of the case successfully argued by unions before a single judge.

Corporations Law entitlements changes: more needed

Federal Government amendments to the Corporations Law to protect employee entitlements constitute "one step in the right direction", according to Democrats IR spokesperson Andrew Murray.

Court maintains ban on BHP contracts

A Federal Court full bench has upheld the interlocutory injunction that stopped BHP offering individual contracts to 500 employees remaining on awards at its Pilbara iron ore operations.

AIM deal ties pay rise to advancement, skills

A new s170LK enterprise agreement made directly with employees at the Victorian office of the Australian Institute of Management provides no safety net increases, with remuneration boosts available from merit-based rises and organisational performance bonuses.

New BLF bites the dust

The attempt to register the new BLF has foundered, after an IRC full bench found its structure "fundamentally undemocratic and unrepresentative" and the management of its affairs "inefficient".

Hard Left challenge in CPSU election

A hard Left ticket is challenging the moderate Left leadership of the Community & Public Sector Union in elections coming up in May.

Discrim act has limited scope overseas

The Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission has ruled that it doesn't have the power to hear a discrimination complaint from a woman engaged in London to work in Australia's High Commission.

Payout for lost opportunity upheld

In a case that might expose employers to significant damages for dismissing workers - particularly managers - employed under contract, a Federal Court full bench has upheld a court-ordered payment of $20,000 to a sacked senior manager for losing the chance to renew his contract.

MBAV members to consider deal

Members of the MBAV will meet to consider the construction breakout deal on Wednesday morning.

Solicitors immune from dismissal costs

Solicitors acting for unfair dismissal claimants are immune from IRC costs orders, after the Commission found it has no power under s170CJ to make such orders.