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Union accuses employer of "industrial gerrymander"

The FWC is seeking fresh evidence as to whether the Uniting Church fairly carved out a group of Wesley Mission workers to be covered by a new deal after a larger cohort rejected an earlier offer, while the nurses' union has refused to sign the "unworthy" agreement.

FWC backs sacking of worker who told manager: "You're dead"

The FWC has upheld the sacking of a sales assistant for serious misconduct that included s-xual harassment and threatening colleagues, while conceding the employer could have done a better job of responding to emerging signs of changes in his behaviour.

AHRC seeking feedback on discrimination reform proposals

The Human Rights Commission is inviting "last chance" submissions, ahead of a conference in October, on its recommendations to amend federal discrimination laws to insert new protected attributes, review coverage and exemptions and beef up their powers.

AWU-ROC deal avoids long trial

The AWU has made a formal agreement with the Registered Organisation Commission over its civil prosecution alleging breaches of the law that regulates union membership matters.

Swearing rants in meeting justify sacking: FWC

The FWC has upheld the dismissal of a worker who attempted to downplay his expletive-laden rants at supervisors as "conversational swearing" and "acceptable in a blue-collar environment", rejecting a union's argument it should be tolerated.

Private sector pay growth steady at 2.3% a year

Growth in private sector rates of pay excluding bonuses is increasing at 2.3% a year, unchanged from the annual rise recorded in the previous two quarters, according to ABS data released today.

"Skilled and experienced" advocates win FWC's favour

The FWC has taken into account that a legally-qualified Qantas ER manager with experience appearing before the tribunal is not a seasoned advocate, in granting the airline's application for legal representation to defend an anti-bullying claim.

CFMMEU made bogus safety claims to protect delegate's job: Court

The CFMMEU and two organisers tried to coerce a building contractor and took adverse action based on "bogus" and contrived safety complaints because it "proposed not to exercise a workplace right" to provide suitable work to an injured employee, the Federal Circuit Court has held.