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Rule change extends pilots union's reach

The FWC has approved a rule change for a Virgin pilots union that will enable it to expand its associate membership category to encompass pilots from other airlines and grant them access to its insurance scheme for loss of their flying licence.

FWC queries ACTU's standing in opposing pilots' rule change

The FWC has given the ACTU until the end of the month to explain how it has standing to object to a non-affiliated pilots union's rule change bid that Qantas has labelled "so broad" it could extend to "any person anywhere", with objectors also set to weigh in on the validity of the clause's endorsement.

Merger to proceed after stay fails

Employer groups have failed in their bid to delay the March 27 CFMEU-MUA-TCFU amalgamation, but have taken solace from a senior FWC member's observation that their April 9 appeal to an FWC full bench "surmounts the fairly low bar of being arguable".

Employers considering options after anti-merger case rejected

The Fair Work Commission has approved the merger of the CFMEU with the MUA and TCFU after rejecting employer arguments it should take account of the "significant" number of civil pecuniary proceedings penalty cases against them.

Decision awaited on CFMEU-MUA-TCFU merger

The Fair Work Commission has today reserved its decision on whether to approve the merger of the CFMEU, MUA and TCFU, with employer groups arguing that proceedings seeking to recover fines and penalties should be taken into account.

Pilots' union membership pitch could cover "any person, anywhere": Qantas

As the Australian Federation of Air Pilots seeks talks with objectors to its membership rule change bid before heading to the FWC in a fortnight, Qantas has labelled it "so broad" that it could extend to "any person anywhere", including pilots based outside Australia or employed by foreign entities.

45 outstanding penalty cases should halt super-merger: Employers

Employers opposing the merger of the CFMEU, MUA and TCFU have warned the FWC that the unions would use their combined might to cripple the resource and construction industries, but they argue that in any case more than 45 pending penalty proceedings should legally disqualify them from amalgamating.