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CBA offers 3% pay rise as staff costs outstrip profit growth

Today's CBA announcement revealing that labour costs rose 6% in FY2016 while the group's statutory net profit only rose 2% has coincided with a 3% pay rise offer to staff, and a commitment to de-link pay from performance targets.

FAAA lauds "exceptional" 15% pay rise proposal

The Flight Attendants' Association of Australia is recommending Virgin's long-haul cabin crew endorse a new deal offering a 15% pay rise over four years and an immediate 7.5% increase for those on the top salary band.

Errant employer commits to rectifying $2m in underpayments

The FWO has secured its largest back-payment, after making an enforceable undertaking with a Victorian-based mining services company that requires it to reimburse $2 million to 205 underpaid workers and provide IR training to all managers with HR and payroll responsibilities.

New Federal Circuit Court appointments; & more

IR barristers appointed to Federal Circuit Court; FWC member retires after almost 15 years; Wage rises lower in industries hit by resources downturn, says RBA; New FAAA leadership seeking to secure role in new Qantas aircraft; Agreement delivers wage justice for nurses, says Victorian Government; and Supermarket self-service hindering employment growth, says report.

Death cover pushes employee's salary over high-income limit

An FWC full bench has thrown out a senior employee's unfair dismissal claim, ruling his life insurance premium, paid by his employer, counted towards his annual income and pushed his earnings beyond the high-income threshold.

Pay rises in private sector agreements drop below 3%

Wage growth in private sector federal agreements approved by the FWC in the December quarter of last year dropped to a new 24-year low, according to the Department of Employment.

Key ACTU affiliate asks FWC to set medium-term minimum wage target

The union that represents cleaners, disability care workers and security guards is asking the FWC to "convene a special process" in the second half of the year to determine whether it can set a "medium-term target" for the minimum wage, to arrest what it says is a long-term downward trajectory.